Top 10 Moments…that are just plain AWWWKWARD!

You know those awkward moments, the ones where you aren’t quite how to respond. React the wrong way and it could be mortifying. Or hilarious. Here’s my Top Ten list of awkward moments!

10. When the server at a restaurant hovers next to your table for a little too long. Or if you’re out with the girls and the food runner stands there with your plate of chips and shrimp fondue, just holding it like he’s a freaking wiseman presenting you with the myrrh…

9. When you realize you sent that text to the wrong person. That can get really awkward….

8. When the person in the Walmart aisle farts and pretends nothing happened. What else can I say?

7. When a guy asks you if he’s poorly endowed and you hesitate because you’re debating if you should really tell the truth. Okay so maybe not everyone has had this happen to them. But I promise you, that’s awkward. And honesty is not always the best policy in this circumstance…

6. When you realize you’ve been walking around all day and the tag is still on your pants. I spent the whole day in OC before I realized the sticker was on my pantleg…

5. When you’re singing with friends and you totally botch the words. This is not awkward if you’re drunk.

4. When someone asks you if you’re related to so-and-so, then ends the conversation there. I get that a lot in regards to Ben being my brother. Yes, I’m related to Ben. “Oh, I thought so.” [insert awkward silence] Wait, were you going somewhere with that?

3. When you have no clue who that just was. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped and talked to me in a store, yet I had NO clue who they were…

2. When you’re in public making a face at your shopping companion, but a stranger sees. I wish I had a dollar….

1. When someone asks why you haven’t accepted their Facebook Friend Request. You know when you saw that request pop up, you had no intent to accept it. So you hid it. Never happened, right? Tell that to Mr. I-Keep-Tabs-On-Unanswered-Friend-Requests!


What are some of your awkward moments? Or one that happened to “your friend”…


Top 10 Best Things About Being a Parent

Being a parent is, without a doubt, an interesting experience. In true Letterman fashion, here’s the Top 10 reasons why being a parent is awesome.

10. It’s an excuse to watch kids shows. I have to admit, I find myself tempted to watch Nickelodeon even while Nina’s taking her nap.

9. You get to utter ridiculous statements that suddenly aren’t so ridiculous. When’s the last time you said “Don’t climb the bookshelf” to someone? When’s the last time someone you know tried to climb a bookshelf? Yeah, I win….10 minutes ago.

8. Cute baby clothes. Really. Have you walked through a Carter’s? And don’t even get me started on Halloween costumes…

7. Watching your child as they learn things. Kids are pretty smart. And I dare you to find a momma who doesn’t swell with pride that their kid knows how to count or can find the red sock, not the green one.

6. Laughter. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. Kids will break out into a belly laugh over nothing. Seriously. Next time you see a little kid, start squealing randomly. It’s apparently hilarious. And god help you if you tickle them….they will die from laughter.

5. Conversations with children. Ever chat with a little kid? I guarantee what you can decipher through the gibberish is interesting. Oh, and you better be able to answer questions for hours. Even when the questions aren’t relevant.

4. Sing-a-longs. Every theme song. Every commercial jingle. Every song on the radio. And if I don’t join the sing-a-long, Nina yells at me to “SING!”

3. Snuggles. They don’t happen often when they get bigger. But it’s such a sweet and cozy six seconds.

2. Babies are so sweet. They will come up and give hugs and kisses unprovoked. They say “I love you momma!’ They are learning to say please, thank you and you’re welcome. They pat your back if you cough. They want to help with everything.


1. They are an excuse to have a messy house!


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You’re gonna miss this….

Most of my life is reflected by various songs, albeit rarely a country song. Today I keep going to the song “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins.

It’s weird how sometimes the words of a song feel like they may have been written about you. Don’t tell anyone, but I really like this song.

I remember being in high school, when I knew everything and my parents were so clueless and unfair. I was in such a hurry to grow up, to be an adult. In retrospect, I miss the days before bills and responsibilities. Days when the biggest worry was a test on Thursday or if someone would ask you to Prom. Days when I stressed over my inability to do calculus, not my inability to buy groceries or pay the emergency car repair bill. I stupidly wasn’t content to be young and carefree.

I remember fondly when Mike and I met. I still smile when I think back about the early months of our relationship. Days when we were spontaneous, silly… We went through some hard times fairly early in our relationship, but it only made us stronger. I remember days when we had virtually no money to our names. We used to have dates at McDonalds. We would save our sweet tea cup and refill it inside, then people watch everyone who was stopping on their way to and from Ocean City. We used to take walks downtown and window shop. I don’t know how many hours we spent sitting atop the Tuckahoe Dam, just looking at the water. Now that we have a child, I feel like we miss out on the “us time” we used to have in abundance. We still have dates that consist of little more than wandering the aisles of Walmart or watching a movie in the living room after Nina goes to bed. Sometimes I miss the spontaneity of our pre-parent days (not that I’d trade it for anything though).

Only two short years ago, I was a new mom. Michael was working long hours to pay the bills and I was up all day and night doing the bottle and diaper routine. It was exhausting. I vividly remember pestering my mom “When will Nina be big enough to [blank]???” and “I can’t wait until Nina [blanks]!!!” Mom just smiled and told me to enjoy the time while she was little. I was in such a hurry for Nina to grow up so she could roll/walk/talk/etc. I think back on the days when she was so tiny, when she would lay sleeping in my arms all day long. Now I have a very active toddler who, even though she is the sweetest girl ever, is still ver much a two year old. I have a love hate relationship with this stage. She’s a loving girl and will come over out of the blue to give kisses and say “I love you”. She just as easily jumps up and down, kicks, and cries when it’s time for a nap. Some days I catch myself thinking “I can’t wait for the terrible two phase to pass.” Then I try to remind myself that all too soon, I’ll be missing this. No, no parent enjoys the inevitable meltdown at Walmart when your toddler doesn’t understand why they can’t have whatever pretty and undoubtedly expensive toy they just saw. But one day I’ll look back and miss the days when Nina sat on the counter to “help cook,”  or when she gave kisses out so freely and sat on my lap to read books.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the “grass is greener” mindset, that things are always better if we can just change this or that. But when things change, life is still just as full of ups and downs. I’m making an effort to slow down and enjoy life. I don’t want to look back some day when I’m old and regret pushing my life forward as fast as I could. I want to look back and think “I miss those days, but I sure enjoyed them….”

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