How To Ruin What The Internet Calls The Easiest Potato Recipe Ever

I find myself regularly browsing food on Pinterest and today’s post is courtesy of my raging hunger a few weeks back. I had to pin ALL the food. So picking up stuff at Target today, I thought I’d try these red potatoes that were patiently waiting on my Yummy Things board.

Now I got home and did a little googling. The pin itself didn’t really have directions to follow, so I quickly learned that these are called Hot Crash Potatoes? Ooookay….. I just called them smashed up red potato things. They popped up on the Pioneer Woman’s blog and have been adapted and altered, and my attempt is no different. She claims they are super easy to do. Well yeah, they were pretty easy to make. But I’m not sure my endeavors yielded the same hot crashy potatoes.

You start by boiling your potatoes (after a good scrub and cutting off any weird looking growths) until they are “fork tender”. Now I literally had enough clean forks for the three of us to eat. I opted for a toothpick. You take what you can get some days…. Anyway, the boiling took me maybe 15 minutes? Honestly, I was online. I have no clue. Fork tender…


Once the taters are cooked, drain all the water out. You’ll wanna prepare a baking sheet for them, drizzled in oil. I suppose a nice liberal coating of nonstick spray would also work. Then the fun part–smashing them! Not. The Pioneer Woman suggests using a potato masher to do it. That obliterated the potatoes. Try a fork. Of course you’ll have to hold these very hot potatoes down as you do it… I got a little carried away. I’m not quite sure how I mistook smash and annihilate…


Once you’ve got them all smashed to oblivion, give them a liberal drizzle of oil and a seasoning. I used my Fantastic Four: salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder. Seriously. I use those four on everything… Stick them in the preheated oven, 350 for half an hour or so. I just kept them in for as long as it took my chicken to cook. Then sprinkled a smacking of shredded cheese on there and let it melt. Scoop those suckers onto a plate and dollop the sour cream on and you’re in business!


Okay, so the title led you to believe that I massacred some simple potato recipe. I lied. The truth is, they were easy, crispy, and pretty tasty. Overly smashed, but a success. The only critique was that the man wanted more cheese on them. Shocker… Cheese needs more cheese in this house… But these were pretty good. It’s a fun recipe to toy with as far as the seasonings and toppings. We’ll have to revisit them as a vessel for a loaded smashed something or other.