What’s for dinner?

I can follow a recipe, but I’m not a great cook. There’s a reason I married a chef! But sometimes you just make a really tasty meal and you’re proud of yourself! I do a lot of budget meals, and the key to that is flexibility. This meal, like most I make, is easily adapted to your tastes. So what did we have? Teriyaki chicken with onions and pineapple over homemade fried rice! Did I mention the chicken was done in the crock pot for a super easy meal? Uh, yeah.

In said crock pot, I added 4 chicken thighs, a sliced red onion, a can of sliced pineapple with juice, and about a half cup of teriyaki sauce. I let that hang out on low for 4 hours. My slow cooker runs hot, so adjust accordingly.


When the masses were ready to eat, I started the fried rice. I made instant brown rice (4 servings) as directed on the box. In a frying pan, I melted 2T of butter and scrambled an egg on medium-high heat. Then I added about a cup of thawed green peas and heat through.


Next, I added back the rice into the frying pan with a little bit of teriyaki sauce and mixed it all around until it was some happy fried rice.


Then there’s nothing left to do but throw it on a plate and get to business! (*Note: I am not a skilled food photographer! Be merciful!)

Both the husband and the kid were a big fan of this one. And I love versitle meals. You could easily change out the veggies in the rice, swap chicken thighs for breasts or pork chops, skip pineapple or onions… I’ve taken the contents of the crock pot, wrapped them in individual aluminum foil pouches, and tossed em on the grill. The world is your oyster (…if you’re into them).

Also, while sitting at the dinner table, my 6 year old daughter asks me what a female dog is called. My husband practically falls over laughing. This is my life.